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Strict quality control process is an effective means for Vadas International to ensure customers of "Zero Defect" goods, and its powerful IT system, real-time management of the quality control database is the most efficient backup. Detailed information of all incoming and outgoing goods will be uploaded to the company's Quality Control Database, and records will be archived, including:

  • Quality Control List, with detailed records of goods storage information
  • Samples returned and archived
  • Detailed information with photographs of the purchasing archived
  • Detailed information with photographs of the shipping archived
  • Substandard goods data archiving, with submission for inspection to the correspondent suppliers/procedures of the grading management system
  • Quality testing analytical measures/reports archived
  • Contacts of the manufacturers achieved

Furthermore, Vadas International offers regular relevant study courses and experience sharing session to continuously strengthen its quality inspection function, which provides our quality inspection engineers with up-to-date expertise.

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